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Bring Out The Fear

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North American Premiere
Saturday, October 16, 2021 - 2:15pm
Run Time: 
73 min
Rosie and Dan are a couple in a doomed relationship. While taking a final walk in their favourite forest, they find it has trapped them in an unsolvable maze. The paths lead nowhere, the trees never end, the sun never sets, and a sinister presence stalks and torments them, trying to drive them insane... There is no escape. But what exactly are they hiding? This dark folk horror will leave you questioning what is real and what is malicious trickery.
Directed by: 
Richard Waters
Produced by: 
Alison Scarff & Richard Waters
Executive Producer(s): 
Michael McCudden, Sebastian Guest
Written by: 
Richard Waters
Main Cast: 
Ciara Bailey, Tad Morari, James Devlin
Richard Waters
About the Director(s): 

Richard is a Dublin, Ireland born director and editor. With a love of horror, it was obvious the choice for his first feature film would be a romcom; 2013's The O’Briens, which appeared in festivals worldwide. In early 2012, along with producer Alison Scarff and fellow filmmaker Michael McCudden, Richard co-founded the production company Weird Pretty Pictures, producing the mystery-thriller Sodium Party, followed by his second feature film as director; In A Stranger’s House. Off the back of more