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Los Angeles Premiere
Sunday, October 11, 2020 - 1:30am
Run Time: 
The Netherlands
When a slightly naïve costplay-fan gives up a tad too much personal information during verification questions on his computer, he receives a fully customised invitation from his OS in return. After accepting the offer his OS takes over his computer, forcing Ronnie to do everything in his power to keep his dark desires a secret for his approaching wife.
Directed by: 
Tommie Geraedts
Produced by: 
Liene Berina
Executive Producer(s): 
Jules Tervoort
Written by: 
Roy van Kessel & Arthur Menko
Main Cast: 
Rienus Krul, julia van de graaff, Belle Venema
About the Director(s): 

Born in 1988, Tommie Geraedts is a director working from Amsterdam. With a background in design and visual effects he weaves the fabrics of these disciplines together with live action to tell his stories. He is increasingly interested in human stories that border the metaphysical but always grounded in todays world.
He has been commissioned to direct films for the van Gogh museum, Stedelijk Museum, T-mobile, Dell and Videoland amongst many others that went on to get millions of views. more