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World Premiere
Saturday, October 10, 2020 - 2:00am
Run Time: 
12 minutes 38 seconds.
One body, two low rent strippers and a seismic “Chaingazism” of blood, guts and Splatstick fun is Murder for Dummies. After Kandy Kane kills her abusive dickhead of a husband, she recruits her BFF and fellow three dollar stripper Misty May to rid themselves of the body. As his lifeless corpse goes from trailer park to trailer park Kandy & Misty’s friendship is tested. Hiding a decomposing body is harder then red panty night at Wet Willies. “Murder for Dummies” is a guide to killing your husband without breaking a nail!
Directed by: 
Meredith Red
Produced by: 
Marie Ferro, Sonny Newman, Meredith Red
Executive Producer(s): 
Barbara Casey
Written by: 
Meredith Red
Main Cast: 
Cleo Elliott, Martha Thatcher, Doug Lane
MURDER FOR DUMMIES writer/director Meredith Red
About the Director(s): 

In 2001, Meredith wrote and co-directed a short film, Earth Day, that won several awards on the film festival circuit (including Audience Choice at Screamfest) and was featured on the IFC channel. The film was ultimately purchased by Universal Studios for online distribution, who then financed the sequel. She also developed scripts with producers and companies, including Leonard Goldberg, Disney and Gold Circle Films. Meredith lives in Los Angeles with her husband and their two fur babies!