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Let the ghost pass

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World Premiere
Monday, October 12, 2020 - 1:30am
Run Time: 
13 min 44 sec
USA /Shot in Sweden
A homeless man tries to keep people away from Priest Street in Stockholm every night when a furious ghost comes, but one day the man dies and becomes a ghost himself.
Directed by: 
Andreas Thelander
Produced by: 
Shelley Phillips
Executive Producer(s): 
Andreas Thelander
Written by: 
Andreas Thelander
Main Cast: 
Homeless Man - Bo G. Lyckman, Sarah - Daisy Davis, Gerton - Andreas Modig, Ghost girl Fredrika - Alma Cederquist, Jonathan - Markus Berg,
About the Director(s): 

Andreas Thelander is a Swedish film director based in Los Angeles. He is a fourth-year Graduate MFA Director at UCLA and is in postproduction with his first feature film Just like me he wrote and directed.
 2002-2003 he went to Stockholm Film School and his short film “Old in Sweden” was screened on the Swedish film channel TV1000 for almost 1,5 years. In 2010 he was part of the location team of David Fincher’s Girl with the dragon tattoo. 
Andreas has written and directed over ten short film...read more