Hammurabi | SCREAMFEST


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Los Angeles Premiere
Tuesday, October 13, 2020 - 7:30pm
Run Time: 
HAMMURABI is a short about a woman on a mission in the desert with her beat-up Toyota Celica. Communication is hard, so she must use all the tools at her disposal to deliver an important message to a man she believes is her estranged father… the guy she has hog-tied in the trunk of the car.
Directed by: 
Patrick Kennelly
Produced by: 
Leo Garcia, Bethany Orr, Channing Sargent, Nikki Bohm
Executive Producer(s): 
Dennis Garcia & Patrick Kennelly
Written by: 
Bethany Orr
Main Cast: 
Bethany Orr, Joe Lando, Unati Mangaliso
About the Director(s): 

Patrick Kennelly is a Los Angeles based director, editor, producer whose body of work spans film and video, theater, live events and the visual arts. He met “Hammurabi” collaborator Bethany Orr working on his debut feature EXCESS FLESH, which toured the worldwide festival circuit in 2015. Essentially a horror film about food, it was called  "the most twisted movie at SXSW—and of the year” by The Daily Beast. In addition to developing his own projects, Patrick serves as Artistic Director at re...read more