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Los Angeles Premiere
Tuesday, October 13, 2020 - 4:15am
Run Time: 
A teenage girl with acting dreams, an empty wallet, and a broken heart is approached by a charming man who promises her fame, fortune, and affection—if she agrees to livestream herself crying for his niche website,
Directed by: 
Alison-Eve Hammersley
Produced by: 
Russell Sanzgiri
Executive Producer(s): 
Lena Waithe
Written by: 
Brittany Menjivar
Main Cast: 
Carly Stewart Colin Woodell
About the Director(s): 

Alison was one of five directors chosen by Lena Waithe for AT&T's 2019 Hello Lab Mentorship Program. She received her BA in film production from Emerson College and MFA in directing from AFI. She was hired as the first female staff producer/director at media company, All Def Digital, and has been featured in publications including Vanity Fair, Deadline, and Free the Bid, which highlights female filmmakers. In addition to a number of nominations on its festival run, her short film, YOU'LL more