In Your Area

World Premiere
Run Time: 
9m 44s
Sophie Pongrace 'swipes-right' looking for a real connection but encounters something else entirely. 'In Your Area' is a visual and atmospheric film set over the course of one date that explores dating-app culture, gender-dynamics, and ultimately the possibility (or lack there of) privacy in the digital age.
Directed by: 
Daniel Slottje
Produced by: 
Elliot Zarrabi, Jaclyn Noel, Michael Goitanich, Jessica Park
Written by: 
Daniel Slottje
Main Cast: 
Jessica Park, Hunter Canning, Daniel Slottje
Daniel Slottje
About the Director(s): 

Daniel Slottje is an award-winning writer and director from Upstate New York, currently enrolled in the graduate film program at Columbia University in the City of New York.

Slottje's screenplay, 'See Ya' was produced in Iceland and had its world premiere at Aspen Shortsfest in 2017 before later playing in film festivals around the world.

Slottje was the recipient of the Best New Director prize at the 6th Annual Columbia Gorge International Film Festival.

Slottje is a more