Orchard Girl | SCREAMFEST

Orchard Girl

Los Angeles Premiere
Sunday, October 13, 2019 - 7:00pm
Run Time: 
A fashion photography crew heads to a remote ranch house to shoot, only to get terrorized by a pair of ghoulish strangers.
Directed by: 
Nicholas Dunlevy, Erin Elders
Produced by: 
Eli Kooris, James Paxton
Executive Producer(s): 
Donal Logue, Julia Labban, Duncan Cumming
Written by: 
Nicholas Dunlevy, Erin Elders
Main Cast: 
Madeline Zima, James Paxton, Kate Freund, Sarah Engelland, Brad Oberhofer, DeMorge Brown, Kim House, with M.C. Gainey and Yvonne Zima.
Nicholas Dunlevy
About the Director(s): 

Nicholas's first short film as a writer and director, "Elevator People Bring You Up When You're Feeling Down", a sci-fi body-horror tale, played such festivals as Cannes and Santa Barbara. Most recently Nicholas produced the dark comedy "International Falls" that's currently playing various festivals and won best narrative feature at Ashland and premiered at Atlanta. Previously Nicholas directed 2nd unit and co-produced the horror feature "The Watcher" that premiered on Lifetime and Netfli...read more