Los Angeles Premiere
Run Time: 
Hong Kong
On the eve of his record breaking 444th on-screen death, veteran Hong Kong actor Richard, forsakes a long lasting Chinese superstition - challenging the Chinese demon 祟 (Sui) to come and devour his soul. Starring Hong Kong legend Richard Ng, this film was shot over 2 days in Hong Kong.
Directed by: 
simon yin
Produced by: 
Simon Yin, Billy Cheon Yue Lau, Davina To
Executive Producer(s): 
Simon Yin, Gary Lee
Written by: 
simon yin
Main Cast: 
Richard Ng, Adrian Dryden
simon yin
About the Director(s): 

Breaking his immigrant mother's heart, and in a reverse migration story, Simon moved to Hong Kong 10 years ago. Originally hailing from Atlanta, GA - Simon first started in front of the lens as a TV host for Turner Networks (The Movie Bowl) , and gradually shifted behind the camera by writing and directing sketch comedy shorts. In Hong Kong, Simon started his own production company and has served as producer and director for agency work, branded content, tv networks, and once even for a more