Out of the Darkness | SCREAMFEST

Out of the Darkness

US Premiere
Saturday, October 13, 2018 - 11:00pm
Run Time: 
14m 15s
A mysterious old man is moving into the abandoned apartment next to Sara. Someone is now in trouble. Destiny is no matter of chance.
Directed by: 
Jonas Gramming
Produced by: 
Theo Gabay & Robert Danielsson
Written by: 
Jonas Gramming & Mikael Holmström
Main Cast: 
Lars Väringer, Lova Schildt, Tony Lundgren

About the Director

Jonas GrammingJonas Gramming is a Swedish director, working with both narrative fiction and animation. As Creative director at Swedish film production company Tussilago since 2007, he has also directed a wide range of projects, from international commercials to music videos.