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The Boogeys


DOUG JONES in attendance!

US Premiere
Sunday, October 15, 2017 - 2:00pm
Run Time: 
Canada / USA
On a future Earth transformed into a planetary ghetto by alien overlords, Dawkins, a cop-turned-pickpocket, tracks down a missing child about to be sold to the ‘Boogeys.’ The encounter will determine the child’s fate and his redemption.
Directed by: 
Sanjay F. Sharma
Produced by: 
Trip Hope, Sanjay F. Sharma, David Eberts, John Lipsz
Executive Producer(s): 
Sanjay F. Sharma, Marc Côté, John Lipsz, David Eberts, Artashes Toumanov
Written by: 
Sanjay F. Sharma
Main Cast: 
Andrew Troy, Doug Jones, Douglas Tait, Ron Roggé, Trip Hope, Jordu Schell, Cathleen Mason, Tyler Johnson, Dustin Quick, Kyle Mason

About the Director

Sanjay F. SharmaDirector Filmography: Sanjay F. Sharma - Director of THE BOOGEYS (short, 2017) and ARCANUM (feature, 2009)