Fear of Water | SCREAMFEST

Fear of Water

Saturday, October 13, 2012 - 4:00pm
Rosalie Richard is found raped and dead at the foot of a cliff. She is the first victim ever of a gruesome murder in Magdalen Islands. Her death will radically change the orderly life of Sergeant André Surprenant, who works the Quebec provincial police force. The shy and subdued Surprenant will go on a hunt for the murderer even though his marriage is crumbling, his teenage daughter tells him to screw off, his psychologist tries to help him overcome his fears and someone wants to push him aside and give the investigation to Sergeant- Detective Gingras, brought in from Montreal. Along with his partner Agent Geneviève Savoie, for whom he has feelings. Surprenant will discover investigate talents that he didn't know he had and will finally open his eyes on his world and the corruption that's eating away at him.
Directed By: 
Gabriel Pelletier
Written By: 
Gabriel Pelletier & Marcel Beaulieu
Main Cast: 
Pierre-Francois Legendre (Andre Suprenant), Brigitte Pogonat (Geneviève Savoie), Normand D’Amour (Denis Gingras), Pascale Bussieres (Elise), Stephanie Lapointe (Rosalie Richard), Paul Doucet (Bernard Duval).
Produced By: 
Nicole Robert