Spirit Trap | SCREAMFEST

Spirit Trap

US Premiere
Saturday, October 14, 2006 - 7:00pm
Run Time: 
1h 31min 
Four young students move into an old unoccupied mansion. Strange things start to happen when Nick gets an old Russian Spirit Clock working again. Mobile phones stop working.They hear mysterious noises and Jenny begins to see things in the house - shadows of torches on the walls and an angry mob in Edwardian clothes that nail a man to the floor. The living nightmare deepens as Jenny, Nick and Tina try to escape the house but are transported back inside the moment they step out. The spirits pit the students against each other as we discover the dark secrets of their pasts. The boundary between the real world and the afterlife are no longer clear and as time runs out, they must fi nd a way to escape and avoid being trapped with the spirits forever.
Directed by: 
David Smith
Produced by: 
Susie Brook-Smith
Written by: 
Phil O'Shea
Main Cast: 
Billie Piper, Luke Mably, Sam Troughton, Emma Catherwood, Alsou