Highway 213 | SCREAMFEST

Highway 213

Los Angeles Premiere
Saturday, October 16, 2004 - 9:30pm
Run Time: 
8m 49s
Frank has just inherited his father's old auto repair shop complete with rusty tools, unpaid bills, and a dark secret. A mysterious woman calls up begging for help. She is stranded on Highway 213, an abandoned stretch of road miles away from any town. Being the only mechanic in the area, Frank sets out to help her. Thirty-six miles later, he finds nothing but an empty highway. Frustrated, Frank returns to his shop with the conclusion that it was only a crank caller. Or was it? The next day it's business as usual, until the woman calls back.
Directed by: 
Clayton Cogswell
Produced by: 
Clayton Cogswell
Written by: 
Heather and Clayton Cogswell
Main Cast: 
Matt Smith, Noel Carroll, Stephanie Ohanesian, Nathan Hedrick, Heather Cogswell