Drowning Ghost | SCREAMFEST

Drowning Ghost

US Premiere
Saturday, October 23, 2004 - 4:30am
Run Time: 
1h 40min 
Over 100 years ago, three students at the Hellestads Boarding School were brutally slaughtered, the murderer drowned himself in a lake nearby and his body was never found. The story has become a legend for generations of students as well as a yearly festivity. Sara, a student, is writing an essay based on the legend and uncovers new facts from the event that will cast dark shadows on the family name of one of the school's main benefi ciaries. On the night of the hundredth anniversary, the festivities go awry, students disappear and something dark and unknown is moving through the schools corridors...
Directed by: 
Mikael Håfström
Produced by: 
Hans Lönnerheden, Kim Magnusson, Eiffel Mattsson
Written by: 
Mikael Håfström, Vasa
Main Cast: 
Rebecka Hemse, Jesper Salén, Jenny Ulving