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Circle Of Freaks

World Premiere
Thursday, October 21, 2004 - 1:00am
Run Time: 
All are welcome to visit the Circle of Freaks. We enjoy your company and want you to stay a while. Come see the Dog boy! Watch the Worm boy get under your skin! And say hello to the unhappiest Clown on earth! But fi rst listen to the story of the little boy who happens upon the Circle of Freaks. Lured by his curiosity, he enters expecting to have a jolly old time. What he doesn't know is that his cruel taunting will lead to consequences he can't imagine. Who is the real monster? You decide.
Directed by: 
David Popolow
Produced by: 
David Popolow (animator)
Written by: 
David Popolow
Main Cast: 
Brad Levicoff, David R. Popolow
About the Director(s): 

David R. Popolow is a director and actor, known for Circle of Freaks (2004) and Operation Lysistrata (2006).