Killer Spacemen From Outer Planet X | SCREAMFEST

Killer Spacemen From Outer Planet X

Sunday, October 15, 2017 - 2:00pm
Price: $11.00

SHORTS BLOCK 5 includes the following short films:
What Metal Girls are Into, Ouroboros, The Passenger, The Boogeys, Killer Spaceman from Outer Planet X, Alfred J Hemlock & Dublika.
Run time: 1 hour 27 min

Three brave, intergalactic explorers find themselves in uncharted celestial territory when their ship runs critically low on their much needed fuel source – plutonium. Fatefully, they discover a nearby planet that hosts a wealth of plutonium reserves. Follow the crew on their descent into the unknown as they venture onto the mysterious landscape inhabited by… Killer Spacemen From Outer Planet X!

Tickets are not refundable