I Love Eva Marsh | SCREAMFEST

I Love Eva Marsh

Sunday, October 15, 2017 - 12:00pm
Price: $11.00

SHORTS BLOCK 4 includes the following short films:
Crowded House, Totem, The Night Delivery, I love Eva Marsh, Real Gods Require Blood & Imposter.
Run time: 1 hour 32 min

Summer 1996. A small town nestled in the shadow of a gigantic factory.
Ben, a shy eleven year old boy, lives there alone with his mom when she leaves him to strike. The coming of the troubling Eva in his bunch disturbs him a little bit more, especially when she mentions the legend of a mysterious creature hidden under a nearby lake’s pontoon. As a game, Eva challenges Ben : walk through the "pontoon of the death”, and come back. But Ben fails miserably.
At night, the Creature appears to him.

Tickets are not refundable