Sunday, October 15, 2017 - 2:00pm
Price: $11.00

SHORTS BLOCK 5 includes the following short films:
What Metal Girls are Into, Ouroboros, The Passenger, The Boogeys, Killer Spaceman from Outer Planet X, Alfred J Hemlock & Dublika.
Run time: 1 hour 27 min

Terribly late, the prominent scientist leaves the laboratory. She's stressed and absent-minded when she arrives home. Her boyfriend has prepared a special dinner for them. He tries to cheer her up, but her mind is elsewhere. What happened in the lab? Her experiment will have unexpected consequences for her and her boyfriend. "Dublika" is a science-fiction thriller produced in Sweden, in the fictitious german language brzni. A scientist whose life is suddenly threatened, finds herself literally to be in the way of her own happiness.

Tickets are not refundable