Introduction by Selma Blair
Screamfest Opening Night Party after the screening!

World Premiere
Tuesday, October 10, 2017 - 7:30pm
Run Time: 
1 hour 27 mins
When the "one-hit-wonder" glam-metal band "Sonic Grave" embark on a trip to Coachella in hopes of a comeback, their peyote trip pit stop in Joshua Tree incites an "unworldly" vicious attack, and they must "rock" themselves out of harms way.
Directed by: 
Ron Carlson
Produced by: 
Ron Carlson and Stephanie Hodos
Executive Producer(s): 
Ron Martino, Fleur Roberts, Mark Hodos and Matt Luber
Written by: 
Ron Carlson
Main Cast: 
Tom Arnold, Sean Astin, Jake Busey, Ryhs Coiro, Leisha Hailey, Cameron Richardson and Danny Woodburn

About the Director

Ron CarlsonRon Carlson was born and raised in the small town of Placerville, California. He graduated with a BFA in Painting from the University of Utah and then moved to NYC to continue his passion of the Arts. He then moved to Los Angeles where he began his career in film and television. Ron has done several films leading up to Dead Ant. Ron has also received an Emmy Nomination for his Television work and is also well noted for his cult film Midgets Vs Mascots. Ron's vision for Dead Ant was to take everything great about B movies and Glam Metal to create a movie going experience that makes you feel at the end like you've just finished a great rock concert.