2012 Screamfest Awards | SCREAMFEST

View the winning screenplay and finalists for 2012 Screenplay Competition HERE.

Each Film category winner receives the amazing Skull award designed by legendary FX Guru Stan Winston.

Award categories for film:

Best Short - Best Animated Short - Best Student Short - Best Editing - Best Special Effects - Best Cinematography - Best Makeup - Best Musical Score - Best Actor - Best Actress - Best Director - Best Picture

The 2012 winning award categories for film are:

BEST SHORT: Brian Thompson - Incident on Highway 73

BEST ANIMATED SHORT: Cole Drumb - PostHuman

BEST HORROR COMEDY SHORT: James Feeney - Killer Kart

BEST STUDENT SHORT: Rob Himebaugh - Eaglewalk

BEST EDITING: Marc Steinicke - On Air

BEST SPECIAL EFFECTS: Wicked Of Oz Studios - Crawlspace

BEST CINEMATOGRAPHY: Brian Pearson - American Mary

BEST MAKEUP: Masters FX - American Mary

BEST MUSICAL SCORE: Jamie Blanks - Crawlspace

BEST ACTOR: Pierre-Francois Legendre - Fear of Water

BEST ACTRESS: Katharine Isabelle - American Mary

BEST DIRECTOR: Jen & Sylvia Soska - American Mary

BEST PICTURE: American Mary