Saturday, October 23, 2021 - 6:00pm
Run Time: 
1 hour 45 min

This nightmarish film tells the story of a woman, Marlene, who moves to Berlin to begin a new life and soon meets her upstairs-neighbor Flo. After starting a job as a restorer, Marlene quickly forgets about Flo. She finds new friends while simultaneously being drawn back into her past. It is almost too late when Marlene realizes how dangerous Flo really is - and she gets wrapped up inside a game of life and death.

Directed By: 
Andreas & Resch
Produced By: 
Cordula Zielonka, Andreas Resch
Written By: 
Andreas Resch
Main Cast: 
Cordula Zielonka (Marlene), Thomas Clemens (Flo), Anne Weinknecht (Luisa), Valentin Schreyer (Ludwig), Matthias Schott (Flips), Gudrun Gundelach (Marlene´s Mother), Ulrich Kuhlmann (Marlene´s Father), Ottokar Lehrner (Dr. Goessler), Günter Zielonka (Locksmith), Eva Lietz (Daughter), Christian Alexander Rogler (Man on Train), Petra Maria Popp (Cleo)
Andreas Resch
About the Director(s): 

Andreas Resch is a director, screenwriter, essayist and film critic from Berlin, Germany. He has studied linguistics in Mainz and Berlin and screenwriting at the German Film and Television Academy in Berlin and primarily writes genre pieces with a strong dramatic touch. Andreas has worked as a screenwriter for several crime programmes on German television. He teaches screenwriting at Freie Universität Berlin and will publish his first crime novel in 2022.
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