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The Scout (Free Screening)

World Premiere
Thursday, October 21, 2021 - 5:00pm
Run Time: 
82 min
Being in the entertainment industry can be "cut-throat!" For first time, independent film director, Jeff and his small, rag-tag cast and crew, trying to make a movie has its ups and downs. When they find out their original shooting location has become unusable, they scramble to find a suitable place to shoot the sci-fi/slasher film, "Terrestrial Evil." The micro-budget film crew ends up on a new group location scout, thanks to their leading lady, Patty but, when they arrive, they are attacked by a mysterious masked killer, who appears "hell-bent" on murdering them one by one. It's LIGHTS! CAMERA! MAYHEM! in the new micro-budget, found-footage/slasher film, The Scout.
Directed by: 
Michael Kallio
Produced by: 
Meredith Petran, Michael Kallio
Written by: 
Michael Kallio, Anthony Leone
Main Cast: 
Anastasia Elfman, Ken Guertin, Marla Lizbeth Perez, Eric Marq, Jessica Moore, Derrick Zonca and McKenzie Kelly featuring special appearances by Carl Crew and The Radioactive Chicken Heads
Michael Kallio
About the Director(s): 

Born at an early age in Detroit, Michigan, award winning writer/director, Michael Kallio started making Super-8 movies at the young age of 6 after seeing Star Wars. In his early 20’s, he made his first feature film, “Hatred of a Minute,” a psychological thriller starring himself and Gunnar “Leatherface” Hansen and produced by Bruce Campbell. A second feature followed entitled, “Mutant Swinger from Mars,” a 50’s sci-fi spoof inspired by Ed Wood and the Jerry Lewis film, “The Nutty Professor,” more