Dreamboard Nightmare | SCREAMFEST

Dreamboard Nightmare

World Premiere
Thursday, October 14, 2021 - 7:00pm
Run Time: 
United States
A chaotic love story based on true events. Dysfunctional couple kidnap a successful real-estate broker, in an attempt to jumpstart their unrealistic aspirations for a better life.
Directed by: 
Joe Zerull
Produced by: 
Anne Paul, Erik Schaffer, Michael Paul
Written by: 
Joe Zerull
Main Cast: 
Mac DeVille, Bobby Murray, Anne Paul, Sara Wegener, Jeff De Leon
About the Director(s): 

Joe Zerull is a truly independent filmmaker based in the midwest. He founded Natural Wipe Films for his debut feature film A Cadaver Christmas, an ultra low/no budget horror Christmas zombie comedy. He has produced several high quality horror short films since then, in the hopes to one day produce another feature film with a real budget.