What Doesn't Kill Us | SCREAMFEST

What Doesn't Kill Us

Monday, October 26, 2020 - 2:30am
Run Time: 
92 Minutes
United States

A film crew follows rehabilitated zombies in their daily lives as they face the adversities of being a necro-sapien in a time when social inequality and blatant acts of prejudice are commonplace in the southern state of Texas.

Directed By: 
Zach Schlapkohl, Jacob Kiesling, Ethan Cartwright
Produced By: 
Jacob Kiesling, Zach Schlapkohl
Written By: 
Zach Schlapkohl
Main Cast: 
Peyton Paulette, Tevia Loeser, Richard Scott Jr., Christian Hopson, Reynolds Washam, & Russell Hightower
What Doesn't Kill Us
About the Director(s): 

Zach Schlapkohl, Jacob Kiesling, and Ethan Cartwright first met in their Filmmaking 101 class in the long-standing "film house" of Stephen F. Austin State University - a literal house on the edge of campus where they would spend their next few years shooting short films and staying up all night editing before class the next morning.  With every semester they spent making films, they grew in confidence as filmmakers and closer as friends.  Seeing the sun of their college days beginning to set,...read more