Things We Dig | SCREAMFEST

Things We Dig

Sunday, October 25, 2020 - 2:30am
Run Time: 
18m 46s

Lucretia, Kuni, Helge and Brynn are vampires living together under one roof and seem to be settled in rather nicely, each pursuing their hobbies and other undead pleasures. However, in order to function in today’s society and pass as mere mortals, they want to earn an honest living by offering a unique ‘cleaning and disposal’ service. Hoping to boost their struggling business, they hire a small film crew to make a commercial for the dark net. Naturally, it doesn’t take long for human and vampire cooperation to dissolve over bloody creative differences. Will the commercial ever see the light of day and will it please the vampires?

Directed By: 
Pia Thrasher
Produced By: 
Pia Thrasher, Stephen Mickelsen
Executive Producer(s): 
Jeremy Katz, J.R. Thrasher
Written By: 
Pia Thrasher
Main Cast: 
Jenn Larson, Pia Thrasher, Cat Forrest, Morgan Marlow, Marc Biagi, Stephanie Scurry, Patrick Russel Burton, Deepti Kingra Mickelsen
Pia Thrasher
About the Director(s): 

Pia Thrasher is an actor, filmmaker and visual artist originally from Germany, where she studied the arts at the E.T.A. Hoffman Gymnasium. She majored in English and graduated from the Euro Sprachschule Bamberg as a Foreign Language Correspondent. Pia's acting experience started around 5th grade in school theatre and several small stage productions in her hometown in Germany. Soon after immigrating to the U.S. she tasted 'movie blood' while working on several film sets as an extra, including more