Monday, October 26, 2020 - 12:30am
Run Time: 

In a small bayou church, Kaya's forced into baptism and when facing her church’s longtime pastor, senses danger looming. As Kaya is dipped under water, a black substance pours from her body, shocking the congregation.

Kaya jumps up, gasping for air. As she looks at the crowd, her eyes turn a glowing WHITE. The congregation screams, hurrying out of the sanctuary. But who stays behind? Pastor Matthews.

Three bright ORBS float up behind Kaya and they all state in unison “I’ve been waiting for you.” As Pastor Matthews holds up a jewel encrusted cross, his eyes turn BLACK. He charges towards her and Kaya leaps up, ready for battle. The spirits collide in a face-off between good versus evil.

Directed By: 
Alexandria Collins
Produced By: 
Diana Ward
Executive Producer(s): 
20th Digital (fka Fox Digital Studios)
Written By: 
Alexandria Collins
Main Cast: 
Taliyah Simone as Kaya Benoit KJ Rasheed as Pastor Matthews
About the Director(s): 

Alexandria Collins is an LA-based screenwriter, director and actress. Her latest project REBORN, produced by 20th Digital (formally Fox Digital Studios) was selected for Canneseries through their "Bite Size Horror" slate along with selections from Screamfest, Hellifax Fest and counting. She is developing it to become a feature film. Reborn is also streaming on and their Youtube page. Her digital series GOALS N’ SHIT, is streaming online after being named one of Seed&Spark’s ‘ more