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World Premiere
Thursday, October 15, 2020 - 9:00pm
Run Time: 
14 minutes 34 seconds.
Sri Lanka
The widespread birth of babies with similar deformities triggers a worldwide panic. Disease is ruled out but the actual cause could be something more terrifying. The children, nicknamed Vikaari, all share remarkable set of characteristics and may even possess, if rumors are to be believed, paranormal abilities. In Sri Lanka, a multicultural island nation, their arrival creates an atmosphere of political and cultural unrest. Some factions want to eliminate the Vikaari while others want to use them for their own purposes. Among them three key individuals, a professor of evolutionary biology, a social activist and the leader of an extremist right wing group try to take control of the destiny of these remarkable children. In Sanskrit Vikaari means 'change' or an 'entity that can change'. The Vikaari are here and the world is about to change.
Directed by: 
Sandun Seneviratne, Charlie Bray
Produced by: 
Sandun Seneviratne, Charlie Bray
Written by: 
Sandun Seneviratne, Charlie Bray
Main Cast: 
Ashan Dias - Bandara Gamage Bimsara Premaratne - Dr. Sulakshana Jayaweera Richard Dee Roberts - Prof. David Hameroff Chevaan Daniel - Head of State
Sandun Seneviratne, Charlie Bray
About the Director(s): 

Director Biography

Sandun seneviratne

Born and raised in Sri Lanka, Sandun first studied film making under Internationally acclaimed director Sammy Pavel. His first short film 'Opinion' was about the devastation caused by the Tsunami in Sri Lanka. He then came to London Film Academy to further develop his skills in film making where he made several Short films in Super 16 and HD.

One of the short films he wrote and directed called 'The Seer', a post-apocalyptic sci/fi more