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A Ghost Waits

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North American Premiere
Wednesday, October 14, 2020 - 4:00am
Run Time: 
79 minutes
Jack's job is to fix up the house. Muriel's job is to haunt it. They should be enemies, but they become fascinated by one another and eventually smitten, leading them to question everything about their work, lives, and decisions. But as the pressure mounts for them to fulfill their duties, something will have to give for them to have the time together they both so desperately want.
Directed by: 
Adam Stovall
Produced by: 
Adam Stovall MacLeod Andrews
Executive Producer(s): 
M.F. Thomas, Deborah Parag & Bill Parag
Written by: 
Adam Stovall and MacLeod Andrews
Main Cast: 
MacLeod Andrews Natalie Walker Sydney Vollmer Amanda Miller
About the Director(s): 

Adam was born in Covington, KY. He was part of the Northern Kentucky Troubadours theatre troupe, as well as a sketch comedy group called the Scott Walsh Comedy Foundation. He covered culture and politics for multiple local publications, and upon moving to Los Angeles in 2008 he began writing for Creative Screenwriting Magazine. This led to work with outlets such as The Hollywood Reporter and Indiewire, as well as writing acceptance speeches during award season. In 2013, he transitioned from f...read more