Hanna’s Homecoming | SCREAMFEST

Hanna’s Homecoming

No Premiere
Friday, October 18, 2019 - 12:00am
Run Time: 
1 hour 38 min
After three years at boarding school, Hanna (14) returns to her childhood village during the holidays. The villagers believe her mother was a witch, who lured three men into the marsh, where they died.
Directed by: 
Esther Bialas
Produced by: 
Mathieu Miville, Nathan Nill, Andrea Schütte
Written by: 
Lena Krumkamp
Main Cast: 
Maximilian Beck, Simone Geißler, Sascha Alexander Gersak
About the Director(s): 
Esther Bialas is born in Wiesbaden in 1982 and raised in Mainz. After living in Frankfurt for a short period of time, she moves to Siberia to work on the ZDF-Project “Sternenflüstern” as an editor assistant. With firm intention to become a Director she moves to Berlin in 2004, where she works as an intern in both theater and film industry. Soon she begins working on independent short film projects of her own, until she begins studying audiovisual media with focus on directing at the Beuth Unive...read more