The Familiar Fingers of Culture | SCREAMFEST

The Familiar Fingers of Culture

World Premiere
Sunday, October 14, 2018 - 7:00pm
Run Time: 
United Kingdom
The Familiar Fingers of Culture is a dark psychological horror that explores our societies’ extremes through a high-class escort and mother of one.
Directed by: 
Conscian Morgan
Produced by: 
Kamal Patel, Conscian Morgan and Remi Shaham
Written by: 
Conscian Morgan
Main Cast: 
Emma Connell, Lauren Dickenson & Stephen Schrieber

About the Director

Conscian MorganConscian Morgan is a self-taught filmmaker, with ten years’ experience writing, directing and producing for film and TV. Previously, he directed dystopian TV pilot, The Tower, which laid the foundation for his directorial horror debut and award-winning short film, Immure, which played at a plethora of international film festivals.