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Join us for the Double Feature - Fears & Beers screening of BRIDE OF RE-ANIMATOR and SOCIETY at the TCL Chinese 6 Theaters in Hollywood, CA on Saturday May 6th at 7:30PM. Get your FREAK on at this crazy ass screening! Tickets are $20.00 and includes admittance to both films and a complimentary beer for guest who are 21+. Purchase your tickets by clicking the ticket link. A Q&A moderated by Brian Collins of BIRTH.MOVIES.DEATH will follow the screening of Society and will include director Brian Yuzna and actress Devin DeVasquez. Additional talent will be announced when we get confirmation.



    On the cusp of his 18th birthday, Billy discovers that his life of wealth and privilege has some very dark and disturbing origins and the people he calls family and friends are not what they seem. After seeing this film, you will never be able to hear the word "shunting" without contorted images of twisting and converging bodies popping into your head. If you haven't seen the film in its entirety, needless to say, you will never be the same afterward. - Adam Barker

    This is the movie that truly unleashed Screaming Mad George's diseased brain onto the world. After working on the creature effects crew on Predator and as a makeup artist on Nightmare on Elm Street 3 & 4, Brian Yuzna finally gave George the chance to cut loose. And George's design work on Society was truly inspired. It remains as shocking and viscerally impactful today as the day it was made.

    Society also operates on another level, as a critique of class in American society. We live in highly stratified groups with the hope to one day ascend to the next financial level. Yuzna takes the concept of the rich feeding off the poor to its literal extreme. - Adam Barker

    Anything for Society!

      Bride of Re-Animator


      In the further adventures of Herbert West and Dan Cain, after salvaging the heart of Cain's dead girlfriend, the two attempt to build her a new body and bring her back to life. Yet Dr. Hill has returned to put a stop to their aspirations. In the pulse-pounding sequel to the horror classic, Yuzna sends up the Universal horror tradition in Grand Guignol fashion.

      Bodily experiments that would make Dr. Moreau blush are the true centerpiece of the film. Whether it is the spider creature made out of severed fingers and an eyeball or the dead dog with human arms for legs, Screaming Mad George once again lets his imagination loose in truly spectacular fashion. Dr. Hill is transformed into a flying severed head with giant bat wings. And the film builds toward a truly heart-stopping conclusion. - Adam Barker

      Date. Mate. Re-animate.

      Tickets are non-refundable