See You Tomorrow | SCREAMFEST


Los Angeles Premiere
Saturday, October 14, 2017 - 12:00pm
Run Time: 
10m 7s
Mexico City has gone through an epidemic where infected people become terrible beings. In the middle of the chaos, Beatriz gets orphaned and finds interesting to break into abandoned homes because of the virus’ outbreak, no matter how dangerous her actions are.
Directed by: 
Isac Betancourt Valladares
Produced by: 
Adriana Enríquez Oliver
Executive Producer(s): 
Isac Betancourt Valladares, Ignacio Betancourt; Daniel Pizá Ruíz
Written by: 
Isac Betancourt Valladares
Main Cast: 
Dana Karvelas, Terry Zavala, Dafne Uribe

About the Director

Isac Betancourt Valladares About the Director:Isac Betancourt Valladares was born in San luis Potosi S.LP. Studies theater and works as an actor in different theater companies, in the world of cinema begins in a self-taught way in 2002 founds with his father the writer Ignacio Betancourt TEQUIO PRODUCCIONES where he made 9 shorts some of these with national awards, currently creates CARNICEROS CREW Together with Daniel Pizá, a production house dedicated 100% to the genre of terror, is currently preparing his first feature film.