A new horror film from director Nathan Ambrosioni (who turned 16 while filming!)
Los Angeles Premiere
Sunday, October 23, 2016 - 10:00pm
Run Time: 
1 hour 36 mins
Jane and Simon are two young police officers leading a routine investigation following the discovery of hidden video equipment in an abandoned house by a night watchman. At first glance, they don’t seem to contain anything unusual. They show five tourists taking advantage of the seasonal weather to go camping. As they continue watching, they discover that the group’s fresh-air excursion takes a sudden turn for the worst. Seized with panic, the young campers reluctantly end up in an abandoned building where it quickly becomes obvious that they are not alone, and that they’ve stepped into their own graves. To save them, Jane and Simon will have to act quickly, even if it means risking their own lives in the process.
Directed by: 
Nathan Ambrosioni
Produced by: 
Fabrice Ambrosioni
Written by: 
Nathan Ambrosioni
Main Cast: 
Nathalie Couturier, Luna Miti, Remy Jobert & Vanessa Azzopardi

About the Director

Nathan Ambrosioni Nathan was born on the 18th August 1999 in Grasse in the AlpesMaritimes region of France. He started to get insights into the craft of filmmaking whilst filming some of his classmates in experimental scenes. With this experience firmly under his belt, Nathan set about making his first full feature in the end of 2013 - HOSTILE. This young " filmmaker " not only wrote the screenplay himself but also supervised casting as well as selecting key film locations. Self-taught and totally passionate about his art, Nathan goes beyond scriptwriting and directing, throwing himself wholeheartedly into editing and post-production work. For the time being, studying has to come first. Nathan is currently in his final two years at secondary school preparing his more