Los Angeles Premiere
Wednesday, October 26, 2016 - 9:30pm
Run Time: 
1 hour 23 mins
In order to escape from her abusive boyfriend, Kat joins a women’s outdoor-bound group who venture out into the uncharted wilderness to gain a fresh perspective on their lives. Their relatively peaceful trip takes a turn for the worst with a single gunshot. Suddenly, they are running for their lives as a pack of deranged hunters track their every move. Hell bent on survival, the group struggles to turn the tables on these gruesome predators and fight their way back to civilization.
Directed by: 
Nils Taylor
Produced by: 
Nicole Marie Johnson Nils Taylor Carrie Finklea Dean Alioto
Executive Producer(s): 
Diamond Cutter Films
Written by: 
Nicole Marie Johnson Nils Taylor
Main Cast: 
Leisha Hailey Nicole Marie Johnson Sara Mornell Carrie Finklea Joy McElveen Nicole DuPort Rebecca Colette McFadzien

About the Director

Nils Taylor Nils Taylor is a director writer and graduate of Chapman University with an MFA in film production, where he was mentored by notable film director John Badham. Nils has traveled the film festival circuit where his previous films have attracted national and international acclaim, including his short-film The Fighting Kind, which won the Hatchfest Groundbreaker Award in 2010. The graphic violence of Quarries is proportionate with each character’s desire for self-preservation. With death coming for them in a very real way, they are left with the minutiae of what is most valuable in their lives: the relationships the have with themselves and each other. My writing partner and I wanted to write a simple story about lonely, damaged people struggling against the u...read more