The Perfect Family | SCREAMFEST

The Perfect Family

World Premiere
Sunday, October 23, 2016 - 12:00pm
Run Time: 
4m 58s
Two sisters looking to create the perfect family for themselves decide to do so by way of taxidermy. The family dog has just been completed and as luck would have it Mom has just arrived. Now all seems just about perfect until a void comes over them. The idea of getting a brother comes to mind but not without Dad's permission.
Directed by: 
Ron Oscar Sierra
Produced by: 
Dannie Fite and Stevenson Opoku
Executive Producer(s): 
Ron Oscar Sierra
Written by: 
Ron Oscar Sierra
Main Cast: 
Kaycee Duale as Amy Reed, Lauren Cody as Cara Reed, Hunter Phoenix as Mom, and Greg Beck as Dad

About the Director

Ron Sierra Born and raised in Los Angeles, Ron has always wanted to be in Film and Television since missing out on being on the show "The Wonder Years" as a kid. After graduating from El Camino College and leaving the Fire Department, he pursued writing after having a project optioned by Keenon Ivory Wayans. He has never looked back. Challenging himself to write and then direct something he can only shoot in one location, no special effects, and on a small budget The Perfect Family was born.