A Nearly Perfect Blue Sky | SCREAMFEST

A Nearly Perfect Blue Sky

Los Angeles Premiere
Run Time: 
You might think that Simon lives a monotonous life. You would be wrong... Contrary to appearances, he does not live alone among the ruins of an old farm. Between kidnapper and guardian angel, he never takes his eyes off his roommate. Convinced of having contacts with beings from elsewhere, Simon is getting lost one step at a time while border between reality and nightmare is progressively fading away.
Directed by: 
Produced by: 
Martin Zarka
Executive Producer(s): 
Julien Saves
Written by: 
Main Cast: 
Jean luc Couchard - Melanie Gaydos

About the Director


Quarxx: an original, strange sounding pseudonym infused with the same mystery and ambiguity he carries. This multimedia, hyperactive, passionate artist externalizes his creative hunger using photography, painting, and movies.
Quarxx has already exhibited at several galleries in Paris, London, Shanghai, and Beijing.
His films, like his paintings are splashes of color, a world full of totally disturbed characters. Fantastic, excessive, even provocative, Quarxx's universe is multifaceted, like himself. A true creator in the fullest sense of the word, he takes painstaking care with the image and the frame.
These qualities have already been seen in his previous short films, particularly in the Rasta-Kamikaze Bang-Bang / Dirty Mauric...read more