The Last Junkie on Earth | SCREAMFEST

The Last Junkie on Earth

Los Angeles Premiere
Sunday, October 23, 2016 - 7:00pm
Run Time: 
6m 46s
During the zombie apocalypse a heroin addict runs out of drugs and must choose between waiting safely in a motel room until the rescue team arrives or risking her life searching for drugs outside.
Directed by: 
Javi Salvago
Produced by: 
Javi Salvago
Written by: 
Javi Salvago
Main Cast: 
Sophia Rose, Jesse Popp, Wesley Crum, Jeff Prater, Noel Jason Scott, Jujo Ballo, Keaton Kaplan, Vicki Woods

About the Director

Javi SalvagoJavi Salvago is an 80's child who grew up watching horror movies, which explains his love for monsters and everything that is over the top. After 10 years of working on several television shows and music videos in Spain as a director, writer, editor, cinematographer and visual effects artist, Javi was awarded with a full scholarship to obtain his second Masters Degree in Filmmaking in Los Angeles. After completing the program he decided to remain in Los Angeles in order to accomplish his childhood dream of making horror films in Hollywood.