La Cena (The Supper) | SCREAMFEST

La Cena (The Supper)

World Premiere
Run Time: 
10m 56s
A couple is invited to a special supper in a house where things are not what it seem. While their are having dinner we'll know their actual purpose.
Directed by: 
Karim Shaker
Produced by: 
Omar Shaker, Germán Moreno, Karim Shaker
Executive Producer(s): 
Karim Shaker
Written by: 
Karim Shaker, Pablo Schumann
Main Cast: 
Fonsi Liébana, Silvia Segovia, Jordi Estupiñá, Patricia Fuertes

About the Director

Karim Shaker Madrid based filmmaker and music producer in love with arts, science fiction and horror. With his first short, La Cena, he wanted to create a unique an ominous atmosphere through his special aesthetic and the use of sound. Inspired by the masters like Carpenter, De Palma, Argento or Chicho Ibañez, he wants to create it's own original vision of fantastic.