Incarnation | SCREAMFEST


"Like SOURCE CODE and LOOPER…edge of your seat thrills, twists and turns" - The Edge. “This psychological thriller from Serbia about a hit man caught in a time loop is ripe for a studio re-make” – The Hollywood News.

US Premiere
Thursday, October 20, 2016 - 9:30pm
Run Time: 
1 hour 22 mins
A man wakes up on a bench without any idea who he is until he is shot dead by four masked assassins. The man wakes up on the same bench thinking his death was a dream until the assassins return and kill him again. Stuck in a hellish loop, he tries to unravel the mystery and with each death he gets closer to the truth.
Directed by: 
Filip Kovacevic
Produced by: 
Filip Kovacevic
Executive Producer(s): 
Marko Jocic & Djordje Stankovic
Written by: 
Filip Kovacevic, Masa Senicic, Ivan Stancic
Main Cast: 
Arsenije Arsic, Dejan Cicmilovic, Stojan Djordjevic

About the Director

Filip Kovacevic Although Filip Kovacevic was an avid film fan since his childhood in Belgrade, the writer-director chose not to study cinema. "While working on Incarnation, Filip was completing his graduate studies in theoretical maths at Belgrade’s Faculty of Mathematics. Now, aged 27, he can bring that precision and clarity to telling well honed stories on the big screen."