The House

US Premiere
Run Time: 
1 hour 28 mins
THE HOUSE is a Norwegian ghost film set in the Second World War. It follows two German soldiers escorting a Norwegian soldier and prisoner of war. The Scandinavian winter takes quite a toll on them, but at one point they discover a house where they finally can get some rest. However, this turns out to be anything but a warm and welcome shelter.
Directed by: 
Reinert Kiil
Produced by: 
Reinert Kiil, Kjetil jensberg, Svein Andersen, Terje Strømstad
Written by: 
Reinert Kiil
Main Cast: 
Frederik von Lüttichau, Mats Reinhardt, Sondre krogtoft Larsen, Espen Edvardsen & Sigmund Sæverud

About the Director

Reinert Kiil He worked as a production designer and propmaster on over 50 national/international movies. Reinert directed and produced two exploitation-B movies that gone worldwide with over 50 festivals: “Hora” and “Inside the Whore” (both movies focus on the meta-aspect of the audience). He produced and directed two music videos for the international metal band Mortiis. Reinert also directed a documentary about Jorg Buttgereit. Huset/the House is his third feature.