The Frozen Eye (L'Oeil Silencieux) | SCREAMFEST

The Frozen Eye (L'Oeil Silencieux)

Los Angeles Premiere
Saturday, October 22, 2016 - 2:00pm
Run Time: 
28m 49s
Bernard is an ordinary man who is moving to a new flat. While he is settling in, he finds a hole in the floor. He soon realises that he is able to spy on the private life of the young woman living downstairs. At first, he resists temptation, but the situation degenerates into obsession and madness.
Directed by: 
Karim Ouelhaj
Produced by: 
Okayss Prod.
Executive Producer(s): 
Karim Ouelhaj, Max Muccin
Written by: 
Karim Ouelhaj
Main Cast: 
Wim Willaert, Judith Williquet

About the Director

Karim Ouelhaj Karim Ouelhaj is director, scriptwriter and producer. After three feature films about social issues of our society, with themes of prostitution, drugs and street violence, he decided to enter into genre with his short movie «L’Œil Silencieux» (The Frozen Eye) which won GRAND PRIZE and SILVER MELIES at Brussels International Fantastic Film Festival on April 2016 - PARABOLA (2005): Mostra di Venezia (Italy-2005), FIFF (Namur/Belgium-2005), El Ojo Cojo (Madrid/Spain-2005), Festival International du Film D’Amiens (France-2005), Tiburon Festival (California/USA-2006) - award: Federico Fellini prize - MONKEY DUST (2013): Raindance Film Festival (London/GB-2013), International Human Rights Film Festival (Albania-2013), LGTB Festival of Brussels ( more