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FRAIL (Puppenspiel)

Los Angeles Premiere
Saturday, October 22, 2016 - 4:00pm
Run Time: 
18m 36s
For Ruben every day is just like the other. Shielded from the outside world, he lives with his father Gabriel in a forest house on the outskirts of a village. He spends his life in a trance-like state, orchestrated by his father's strict rules. He is only allowed to play with his puppet, while his dad spends most of his time in his workshop. One morning looking out of the window, for the first time Ruben sees some village children playing and suddenly experiences a strange feeling. He starts questioning and distrusting his father. He decides to find out what exactly his father is doing every day in the forbidden workshop.
Directed by: 
Ares Ceylan
Produced by: 
Filmgerberei GmbH
Executive Producer(s): 
Flavio Gerber, Nadine Lüchinger
Written by: 
Ares Ceylan
Main Cast: 
Christoph Gaugler, Simon Svercel

About the Director

Ares Ceylan Ares Ceylan (born 1989), born and raised in Basel, is active as a filmmaker and assistant director for short and feature length films. Until 2010 he studied Publication Studies and Film Science at the University of Zurich and completed an internship in film production. After completing his Bachelor‘s he was hired 2011 by the film production company Filmgerberei GmbH to work as director, assistant director an editor. Since then, he was involved in the production of various films and commercials and realised personal projects. In 2013, Ares won the Basel Film Prize and various audience awards for his short film,"Beware of Children.“