Los Angeles Premiere
Saturday, October 22, 2016 - 12:00pm
Run Time: 
9m 59s
United Kingdom
Charlie is a story about a London family that prepares for a possible new family member. Ben, Simone and Charlie welcome five-year-old orphan Clair for the weekend. Although Clair is only visiting, she will quickly notice that something is off with these three and that Ben and Simone might not be the perfect new parents she hoped for.
Directed by: 
Clementina Lugo
Produced by: 
Francesco Vaira
Executive Producer(s): 
Daisy Gili and Anna MacDonald
Written by: 
Maggie Drahovska
Main Cast: 
Crystal Bennett, Ben Cutler, Sienna Chamberlain, Maisie Donald, and Emijiliana Ellen

About the Director

Clementina Lugo Venezuelan born Clementina Lugo, studied filmmaking at London Film Academy. During her time in London, Clementina directed two short movies. The first one, also written by her "The Babysitter" a short comedy, and "Charlie" her first horror short movie. Clementina continued expanding her filmmaking abilities and produced two short movies "Deadly Dinner Date" and "147 Feet" short movie.