Blood Trail | SCREAMFEST


World Premiere
Saturday, October 22, 2016 - 6:00pm
Run Time: 
23m 15s
Lori desperately flees after escaping the grips of a cannibal. Little does she know, this killer will stop at nothing to find her.
Directed by: 
A.J. Callens
Produced by: 
A.J. Callens, Nathan Tomaszewski, Elizabeth Callens, Mariano Rueda
Executive Producer(s): 
Mark Miller, Glen Michel
Written by: 
A.J. Callens, Mariano Rueda
Main Cast: 
Liz Fenning, Eric Hale, Emmalinda Maclean, Aliza Hedges, Scott Perietti, Brian Guy

About the Director

Alexander Callens When A.J. Callens was six years old, he borrowed a hefty video camera from his mom and started his journey into filmmaking. After experimenting with stop-motion action films featuring his dinosaur toys, he quickly turned to his obsession with horror. Throughout his childhood and into his teens, he made horror films with his friends and whatever equipment he could get his hands on. After he graduated from an Arts Magnate high school, where he was immersed in theatre, he went to Los Angeles Film School, where his work was highly acclaimed. After graduating from film school, A.J. began working in all facets of the industry, from art department, post-production, cinematography, to directing and producing. He has worked on independent film productions, more