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Skeleton Girl

Sunday, October 14, 2012 - 2:00pm
Skeleton Girl is the story of Millicent, a small orphan girl who lives in a land of make-believe and her overactive imagination. One day as she goes for a walk in the woods, Millicent discovers an abandoned cemetery where she takes a valuable gem from one of the gravestones. That night, during a spectacular thunderstorm, she begins to hear the tapping of bony fingers, and soon a cacophony of noises and images play out on the walls of her room. As a skeleton pays a visit to retrieve what is rightfully hers, Millicent soon discovers why it isn’t a good idea to steal from the dead.
Directed By: 
Leo Wieser & Steve Hanulik
Written By: 
Steve Hanulik
Main Cast: 
Elinor Holt
Produced By: 
Leo Wieser & Executive Producer: Becky Scott