Night Of The Punks | SCREAMFEST

Night Of The Punks

No Premiere
Friday, October 15, 2010 - 10:00pm
Run Time: 
Small town punk rockers "The Brain Deads" have their first out of town gig. Only the venue is deserted, the promoter is a creep, their bass player is missing, and the only kids in the audience are bloodthirsty monsters from hell. It's gonna take a lot more than power chords and teenage angst to survive this night. Inspired by fun 80's classics like "The Return of the Living Dead" and "Night of the Demons."
Directed by: 
Dan Riesser
Produced by: 
Dan Riesser & Mike L. Kinshella
Written by: 
Dan Riesser, Michael D. Fuller & Christopher Stoudt
Main Cast: 
Luke Edwards, Aubrey Wood, Nick Mundy, John Bobek, Mike L. Kinshella, Dominic Deleo and Vic D. Vine.