Los Angeles Premiere
Sunday, October 10, 2010 - 12:00pm
Run Time: 
A dark night has come over Paris. Eric is waiting on a train station platform, all alone. Exhausted by a tense day, Eric has one single thought in mind: to escape from this city he hates. But the train he's waiting for is not coming. Suddenly... a strange cry resounds in the night. A gravelly moan of pain, like that of a woman or a wounded animal. Is this someone asking for help? This voice came from the other side of the railways, in the distance... a strange cry for help. Eric hesitates: he is no hero. But the cries comes again. It's a woman asking for help. Eric has to do something. He staggers towards the end of the platform. Just darkness. Eric takes a breath then goes down on the railways where it's not safe. Walking 2 miles from here, Eric suddenly realizes that the train station has just dissapeared. How could the train station have vanished? A pale human form emerges from the darkness: a slender, distraught figure, stuck in a mass of fabrics and metal... she was waiting for him. Will Eric escape from this nightmare?
Directed by: 
Nicolas Simonin
Produced by: 
Nicolas Simonin
Written by: 
Nicolas Simonin
Main Cast: 
Hubert Benhamdine