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Martians Go Home

US Premiere
Saturday, October 11, 2008 - 9:30pm
Run Time: 
Legend has it that Sarah Clockwork, a great virtuoso disappeared in the middle of the show in a large theater in New York in 1928. Was she abducted by Martians? In 1986, Fran - young person, doing use of his precocious faculties like scientist, makes a Theremin. Fran uses it to communicate with Sarah Clockwork, his platonic love. What began as a simple game ends at strange events that force Fran to think that the Theremin has the power to attract the Martians.
Directed by: 
Dani Moreno
Produced by: 
Dani Moreno
Written by: 
Dani Moreno
Main Cast: 
Chema Ponze, Edu García, Alaska