Highway 191 | SCREAMFEST

Highway 191

No Premiere
Saturday, October 11, 2008 - 9:30pm
Run Time: 
A weekend of booze, drugs, girls and rock & roll gets off to a horrible start for two teens in the summer of 1983. While in route to Flagstaff, AZ, the wild and careless boys pass through a small town. They decide to take a detour to save time. A shortcut that would lead them to Highway 666, "The Devil's Highway". This will turn into the longest ride of their lives. A night of horror and macabre, that will last for an eternity on the cursed road of the devil.
Directed by: 
Chris Anastas
Produced by: 
Karl Benjamin
Written by: 
Chris Anastas
Main Cast: 
Aneese Khamo, Kristian Steeler, Jana Camp, Billy Kirkos